Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exhibit List


      2007  Like the Spice Gallery, True Religion, Brooklyn, NY
      2007  Jack the Pelican, Deven’s Den- solo show, Brooklyn, NY
      2006  Gitana Rosa Gallery, What is the Word -solo show, Brooklyn, NY 
2005  Galeria Galou, Congregation, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2004  Holland Tunnel, Tunnel of Love, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2004  Iona, Brooklyn, Portrait of AMUSE, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2004  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2003  Monique Goldstrum C.V.B. Gallery, Art International, New York, N.Y.
2003  Monique Goldstrom Gallery, International Paper Exhibition,  New York, N.Y.
2003  Studio 84, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2003  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Sex in the City, Chicago, IL.
2002  Studio 84, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2002  W.A.H. Art Walk, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2001  Hunger Strike Mural, 20th Anniversary Harlem, N.Y.
2001  Carlton Arms Hotel, Installation, New York, N.Y.
2000  Oskar Friedl Gallery, The Buddha Show, Chicago, IL.
2000  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Post Modern Pinups, Chicago, IL.
2000  Hyde Park Arts Center, Sextablos, Chicago, IL.
2000  Barrister  Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
      2000  Red Bud Gallery, Houston, TX
      1999  The Armory Show 09’, Adam Baumgold Gallery, Works on Paper II, New York, N.Y.
1998  Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
      1998  State St. Gallery, Dallas, TX.
1998  Rudolph Poissant Gallery, Knowledge and Truth in Northern Texas, Houston, TX.
1998  Anatomically Correct Gallery, Feast for the Eyes, Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago, IL.
1998  The Gala Spectacular Fundraiser, The Eugene O’Neil Theatre, Chicago, IL.
1998  The Amory Show, Adam Baumgold Gallery, “Works on Paper I,  New York, N.Y.
1997  Eastwick Gallery, Blue Plate Special, Chicago, IL.
1997  Adam Baumgold Gallery, The Financial District,  New York, N.Y.
1997  Ken Knight Gallery, Dallas, TX.
1996  Vedanta Gallery, Unique Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1996  Eastwick Gallery, Departure, Chicago, IL.
1996  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Exquisite Corpse, Chicago, IL.
1995  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Art 1995 Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1995  Eastwick Gallery, Retrospection, Chicago, IL.
1994  Eastwick Gallery, The Mask, Chicago, IL.
1994  Oskar Friedl Gallery, New World Conquest, Chicago, IL.
1994  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Art 1994 Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1993  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Sibling Rivalry, Chicago, IL.
1993  Krannert Art Museum, The Eidetic Image, Champaign, IL. 
1993  Everson Museum of Art, Norman, OK.
1993  Space Gallery, Chicago, IL.
1993  Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA.
1992  Union Hall Art Gallery, Chicago Sampler, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
1992  Oskar Friedl Gallery, Beware Of God, Chicago, IL.
1992  World Tattoo Gallery, Sensuality in Religion, Chicago, IL.
1992  World Tattoo Gallery, The All Elvis Show, Chicago, IL.
1991  World Tattoo Gallery, Clara’s House Auction, Chicago, IL.
1991  World Tattoo Gallery, Sixty For Chicago, Chicago, IL. Chicago Magazine in conjunction with Chicago House
1990  World Tattoo Gallery, The All Elvis Show, Chicago, IL.
1990  Randolph Street Gallery, Silent Auction of Valentines, Chicago, IL.

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